ADA Program

ADA Program

Program Name

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (ADA)

Agencies that utilize it

Probation, Community Corrections, Attorneys, and Courts

Frequency of Program

The assessment is generally one time only. The number of classes/treatment sessions are determined by the agency that you are referred to.

Dates of Program (first Monday, etc)

Assessment is scheduled for Monday through Friday, during normal business hours. The dates of programs vary.

Where Program is located:

Assessment is conducted at the Shelby County Probation Department. The location of classes/treatment sessions varies.

Cost of the program & how to pay

Assessment is $325.00 if court ordered.


If you are referred to ADA by your attorney, prior to sentencing, the cost is $275.00 which must be paid prior to the assessment date being scheduled.


The cost of classes varies by agency.

Information about the program. What is it about?

Substance abuse and mental health referrals.

How do I sign Up?

Contact Probation for appointment.

Commonly Asked Questions

What agencies will I be referred to?

*You will be referred to an agency that is approved by the Department of Mental Health and Addictions or a provider who has been approved through the Indiana Judicial Center.


If I am referred to an education program, how many hours will I be required to complete?

*10 or 20 hours


Where do I pay my assessment fee?

*Clerk’s Office located on the first floor of the Courthouse. If you are doing an assessment as a referral from your attorney, your fee will have to be paid in advance before an appointment will be scheduled. If this is part of your sentencing, then it will be added to your Court cost/fines.


What agency can I be referred to?

* A list of Shelby County Referrals and Out of County Referrals can be found in our Forms Tab 

Misc Info:

If you miss your ADA appointment, you will only be allowed one reschedule. After that, a violation can/will be filed.